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Khadi Dress Material

Khadi is a type of fabric that is hand-spun and handwoven. It is usually from cotton fiber, but is also popular in its silk and woolen variations. This fabric has a rugged texture and feels comfortable when worn during the winter season while also keeping one fresh in the summer. Khadi fabric is quite easy to maintain as it needs only hand wash and ironing for a fresh and refined look. Khadi comes in hues that are extremely soothing to the eyes. Another specific reason why khadi is a favourite among youngsters is the luxe feel the fabric offers. Khadi has a premium feel to it. And from a styling perspective, it can be moulded in many ways depending on one’s personal.

Khadi Fabric is manufactured in two steps: converting the fiber into yarn using tools like spinning wheels (Charkha) and then weaving the yarn into fabric using looms. There are many steps like dyeing and strengthening of the fibers. Both the spinning and weaving do the mechanism, resulting in pure hand-loom fabric.

290 / meter