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Ikat fabric

India has been a massive hub of artistic talent in the field of textiles since ancient times. Indian crafts, being crafted in a very artistic way have left their indelible mark on the whole world. Even today, India is at the forefront of dyeing and weaving clothes. The history of Ikkat fabric in India is traced back to the place named Chirala in the 19th century. Chirala is a coastal region of Andhra Pradesh where Ikat is known as Telia Rumal.

As its name, oil is used in its preparation, due to which it gives coolness in summers. Ikkat fabric is therefore quite widely worn in Arab countries. Earlier, turbans, sheets, gamchas and lungis were made from Ikat cloth, but today Ikat Dress Material is neck to neck with current fashion trends and is worn as a mainstream cloth. You might have seen south Indian actresses wearing ikat print sari, giveing a fantastic look and feel to them.