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Bagh Print Fabric

Bagh print, named after its place of origin, Bagh, located in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. The fabric art of bagh block printing is over a thousand years old. The imprints on material in Bagh print is done with different varieties of designs carved in wooden blocks. In addition with wooden blocks that are carved with complex and detailed designs. Design inspiration is drawn from the landscapes and geometrical figures. Artisans say that one piece of cloth goes through several stage processes of printing, washing, block imprinting, bleaching, dye correction and finishing. All these processes take about 8 days per cloth before it is called Bagh print fabric.

Journey of Bagh Fabric

The fabric starts its journey with initial washing. Meanwhile, It is followed by soaking it in solution of rock salt, castor oil, goat dung, etc. Bagh prints are dyed by using blocks made of teak or sheesham wood. Dyes for bagh printing have their sources from plants, fruits, flowers and minerals. So most common colored we see in bagh print fabric includes red, black, indigo, mustard and khaki colors. Once the fabric has rested, it is washed in running water and beaten against river stones. At last, it is boiled in water along with a couple of ingredients and bleached followed by washing a couple of times.

Bagh textiles are usually cotton based and quite soft. These are an all time wear as they can be used in all seasons and climates. From scarves, dupattas, and kurtas to patiala and salwar – Bagh prints can be mixed and matched to give a more trendy casual look.